Jina Kim — Branding



Project Concept

The key to a successful rebranding is finding the delicate balance between where a brand has been, and the places it wants to go.

Here's where we started in 2019:

Youtube banner featuring Jina Kim's former branding


Analyzing Jina's metrics taught us a lot, including that her:

  • Audience values her honesty
  • Viewership is international, and her core community is very dedicated
  • Korean content and keywords work really well to encourage views and new channel subscriptions
  • K-pop and dating content is consistently, and sustainably popular


The initial concept word marks present to Jina focussed on:

Visual interchangeability between both English and Korean;

First word mark concept, featuring sharp edges to letterforms

Replicating Jina's handwriting as her official brand signature; and

Second word mark concept, featuring a handwriting sample from Jina

Customizing fonts for individual flair, to pair seamlessly with copy:

Third word mark concept, featuring a modified font


The signature style was ultimately selected from the word mark concepts. After several iterations, it evolved into the logo representing the Jina Kim brand.

Additionally, a review of existing domestic trademarks was conducted. Every effort was made to keep the option of trademarking available to Jina.

If you're interested in seeing this branding in action, or more from Jina, you can check out her personal site, her YouTube, and her Instagram.

Final Product

The finalized logo was built to be rhythmic, feminine, and clean. The wave-like qualities resemble Jina’s oceanic hometown of Incheon, and have a very calming quality to them.

We kept the logo simple, to make it accessible for an extremely international audience. The wordmark also meets the minimum width specifications for embroidery, which was an extremely important consideration for Jina’s clothing line.

Final word mark logo
Digital mockups of Jina Kim's new branding, featured on a variety of devices, including a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.

Jina Kim — Branding